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Bad Gin pays tribute to the city where the company and its founders were born, Bologna.

The bottle is silk-screened with an illustration of the city profile and thanks to the magnifying glass effect created by the bottle itself, it is possible to admire it up close.

The colour chosen derives from one of Bologna’s three nicknames, “the Red”, which is exactly the colour of its roofs and walls; “the bolognese brick” represents the masonry tradition that over the centuries has persisted mainly in the territories of central Italy, especially since the dissolution of the Roman Empire.

The other two nicknames are “The Learned” for the presence of the oldest university in the world founded in 1088 and “the Fat” for two very valid reasons: its excellent cuisine that knows no boundaries, and its fertile land, chosen centuries ago by the Romans as the ideal territory for cultivation.

Finally, the famous two towers symbol of the city, called the Asinelli and the Garisenda, appear under the logo on the back of the bottle, showing off and winning the attention of the viewer.

With a strong flavour, Bad Gin does not lack spicy and fresh notes: the strong predominance of black pepper gives way to a lemon aftertaste and coriander allows a perfect balance of tastes.

The best perfect serve combines fresh sage leaves and a slice of ginger.

A real delight, but not only for the classic gin and tonic: Bad Gin amazes us in cocktails with an overwhelming flavour.


Tasting notes: spicy and fresh

Capacity: 700ml

Alcohol content: 43%vol.

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The Gin dedicated to the city of Bologna